About 70 years ago Late Vaidh Sri Murlidhar Agrawal Ji was known as learned physician in the city of Firozabad. He had a vast knowledge of Zadi Booti and Indian System of Medicine. The other Vaidyas and Physicians of that time were very much inspired by his knowledge and used to take guidance from him. His son Late Vaidh Sri Gya Prasad Ji Agrawal was closely associated with him and learned a lot under his guidance. In the year 1957 Vaidh Sri Gya Prasad Ji Agrawal with a mission to provide high quality Ayurvedic Medicines to the needing and ailing persons, adopted his parental work of Ayurved and founded a mnufacturing unit under the name and style as ‘Shri Ayurved Seva Sadan’ which follows old classical and natural technique of manufacturing which are prescribed in the noble books of our Ayurved.

To continue this, his son Vaidh Sri Bhagwan Ji Agrawal a known social worker and religious person who is associated with so many social institutions, completed his Vaidh Visharad from Prayag University, Allahabad, started working with him. In his guidance M/S Shri Ayurved Seva Sadan is producing high quality Ayurvedic Shatrokt and Patent medicines.

Under his expert guidance and supervision his qualified family members Late Dr. S.K. Agrawal, Mr. Pravin Agrawal, and Mr. Vijay Goyal engaged themselves in the business. They kept their supervision on production, packing and quality control for which they installed a modern laboratory, which is equipped with all equipments, machinery and qualified technical persons, to look after the quality control. With the result the unit is granted G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate. Mr. Pravin Agrawal is looking after the marketing and other developments of Seva Sadan products. Due to the high grade quality products the marketing network of Seva Sadan spreads all over India.

Now a days Seva Sadan is manufacturing all range of Classical Ayurvedic Medicines as Asav Arisht, Churna, Tel, Bati, Pak, Loha Mandoor, Bhasm Pisthi, Ras Rasayan, Ark, Ghrit and Patent Ayurvedic medicines etc. The Seva Sadan is growing day by day and is busy in producing high grade herbal products which are widely used by Vaidhyas and Physicians. Along with classical medicines Seva Sadan is Processing and packing Natural Honey under the Agmark, name and style as Uttrakhand Madhu.

Seva Sadan is well known name for its quality products.

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