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Kaishore guggul (also called pathyadi guggulu) is an ayurvedic guggul formulation used for raised uric acid, mild to severe attacks of gouty arthritis, inflammatory diseases, wounds, abdominal diseases, constipation, indigestion, diabetic carbuncles etc.

Kaishore guggul ingredients

Kaishore guggulu (Pathyadi Guggulu) contains:

Common Name Botanical Name
Giloy or Guduchi Tinospora cordifolia
Amla (Amalaki) Emblica officinalis
Bibhitaki Terminalia bellirica
Haritaki Terminalia chebula
Shuddha Guggulu Commiphora mukul
Shunthi Zingiber Officinale
Black pepper Piper Nigrum
Pipali (Long Pepper) Pepper Longum
Vidanga Embelia Ribes
Nisoth Operculina Turpethum
Danti Mool Baliospermum Montanum

Medicinal Properties

Kaishore guggul has following healing properties:

  1. Adaptogenic
  2. Analgesic
  3. Anti-bacterial
  4. Anti-diabetic
  5. Anti-inflammatory
  6. Anti-arthritis
  7. Anti flatulent
  8. Anti-microbial
  9. Antioxidant
  10. Carminative
  11. Detox
  12. Digestive stimulant
  13. Mild laxative

Therapeutic Indications

Kaishore guggul (Pathyadi Guggulu) is generally advised in following diseases:

  1. Raised Uric acid levels and gouty arthritis
  2. Acne or acne vulgaris
  3. Carpal Tunnel syndrome
  4. Wounds or boils
  5. Inflammatory diseases
  6. Chronic constipation
  7. Bursitis (Inflammation of a bursa; frequently in the shoulder)
  8. Muscle cramps or stiffness or inflammatory diseases of muscles
  9. Dysmenorrhea
  10. Sprains
  11. Fever due to joint disease
  12. Tendonitis (inflammation of tendons)
  13. Fibromyalgia
  14. Rheumatic fever
  15. Rheumatoid arthritis
  16. Repetitive motion injuries or stress injuries
  17. Chronic cough (with yellow thick sputum)
  18. Ingestion or loss of appetite along with any joint disorder
  19. Diabetic carbuncles
  20. Skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis etc.
  21. Blood disorders

Health Benefits & Uses

Kaishore guggulu is a good herbal combination that works on metabolism in the body. It corrects the functions of stomach and intestines, which helps improving digestion and removing toxins from the body. It works in all health conditions in which we need to correct digestion and metabolism.


Kaishore guggul tablets: 2 to 4 tablets twice a day


The common adjuvant is warm water, but Kaishore guggul is generally taken with following adjuvant in different diseases:

Diseases Adjuvants
Gout or high uric acid Manjishtadi kadha or Punarnavasav decoction
Eye diseases Vas (Vasaka Decoction)
Abdominal Diseases Warm water
Chronic Constipation Warm milk
Skin Diseases Khadirarishta
Wounds or boils Khadirarishta


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