SHARANGDHAR PHARMACEUTICALS PVT. LTD. was founded by Dr. Mr. & Mrs. Abhyankar , two highly skilled Ayurvedic vaidyas with a life long experience in practicing Ayurved and in the preparation of traditional Ayurvedic medicines. They had a dream of  starting their own Ayurvedic pharmacy and thus became one very few ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in India at that time.  Their unique formulations, which have proven to be extremely effective, are based on the classical principles of Ayurved: finding and treating the root cause of disease.

Inheriting the knowledge, wisdom and legacy of the founders, the present management consists of experts in the field of medicine, management and research. Dr. Jayant Abhyankar, MD, Sharangdhar is an eminent personality in the field of Ayurved. He is an active member of ADMA which is India’s most renowned ayurvedic medicine manufacturers association. He has always been known for his vast knowledge and understanding of this great science. A reason why our formulas always have and will continue to be most effective. Manufactured with the most ethical policies, with every effort being made to maintain the highest quality standards there are.

Some of the best selling Products of SHARANGDHAR PHARMACEUTICALS PVT. LTD. :

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