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Brahmi Vati with Gold (Suvarnayukta) Uses, Benefits and Dosage :

Brahmi Vati with Gold is indicated to improve brain function. It improves mental alertness, concentrations, attention, memory and stress threshold of the individual.

Brahmi Vati Suvarnayukta is an Ayurvedic Medya Rasayana. The main indication of this medicine is anxiety, mental stress, and fatigue. It is also beneficial in improving brain power, and strength. It improves the capacity of sensory as well as motor organs, and promotes intelligence & memory.

Brahmi Vati Suvarnayukta is a combination of Brahmi with Swarna (Svarna) Bhasma. It is excellent brain Tonic, and nourishes the brain cells. It helps in the management of brain-related problems. This combination which is fortified with Shankhapushpi, Jatamansi, and Vach also help in relieving tension, and coping with stress-related disorders.

Ayurvedic Action / Karma

  • Majja dhatu Rasayana: Rejuvenative to the nervous tissue
  • Medhya: Promotes intellectual capacity
  • Nidrajanana: Promotes sleep
  • Tridosahara: Alleviates all three Dosha
  • Unmadaghna: Alleviates insanity, and emotional instability
  • Vrishya: Aphrodisiac

Biomedical Action of Brahmi Vati

  • Antioxidant: Inhibits oxidation.
  • Antispasmodic: Relieve spasm of involuntary muscle.
  • Anxiolytic: reduce anxiety.
  • Aphrodisiac: Stimulates sexual desire.
  • Astringent: Helps to stop bleeding form intestines, urinary, and reproductive system.
  • Nervine sedative: Nerve Tonic, calms nerves.
  • Nervine: Tonifying effect on the nervous system.
  • Nootropic: Enhance memory or other cognitive functions.
  • Nutritive: Providing nourishment, nutritious.
  • Sedative: Promoting calm or inducing sleep
  • Tonic: Restore or improve health or well-being.

Brahmi Vati Suvarnayukta Health Benefits

  • It controls the hyperexcitability of the nerves.
  • It develops physical, and mental powers.
  • It enhances the capacity of sensory as well as motor organs.
  • It gives alertness, and sharpness to mind.
  • It gives relief in mental, and physical fatigue.
  • It gives relief in sleeplessness.
  • It has Balya & Shamak action on Mastishka & Sanjnyavahi nadis.
  • It has no side effect.
  • It helps in psychosomatic disorders.
  • it helps to cope with stress, and anxiety in a better way.
  • It improves concentration by steadying neuro transmitters.
  • It improves grasping power, and retention of memory.
  • It improves mental alertness, concentrations, attention, memory, and stress threshold of the individual.
  • It is a mood stabilizer.
  • It is completely safe, non-toxic, and non-habit forming.
  • It is useful in epileptic fits.
  • It nourishes the brain.
  • It promotes intelligence, and memory.
  • It Relieves mental stress, and Fatigue.

Brahmi Vati Suvarnayukta Therapeutic Uses

Brahmi Vati is indicated to improve brain function. Below is given conditions in which Brahmi Vati is useful:

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