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Rasashala Shatavari Kalpa :

Rasashala Shatavari Kalpa is a natural remedy long used in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India. Sourced from the roots of the Asparagus racemosusplant, it is available in dietary supplement form usually as a pill or powder. Shatavari is said to offer a variety of health benefits.

Health Benefits :

According to practitioners of Ayurveda, shatavari possesses cooling, calming properties that can help to soothe and balance Vata and Pitta (two of the three doshas). Often used to enhance reproductive and digestive health, shatavari is also said to have rejuvenating and nourishing effects.


1. It helps proper growth of the children by nourishing all the Dhatus.
2. Protects the body from various health hazards by developing immunity.
3. It improves memory and concentration and relieves mental stress.
4. Useful in menstrual pain, irregular menses, and menses with clots at menarche.
5. Helps maintain the health of the baby and the mother in pregnancy as well as after delivery.
6. Reduces the chances of miscarriage and abortion by giving strength to uterus and nourishment to the foetus.
7. Helps to increase lactation in lactating mothers.
8. Useful in physical and mental disorders associated with menopausal state.
9. Gives necessary nourishment to every cell in old age.
10. Useful in bleeding disorders like bleeding through nose, throat, anus or urinary tract.
11. Helps to heal gastric ulcers by its cold and oily properties.

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