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Bala Tail is a classical Ayurvedic herbal oil formulation primarily used to pacify Vata dosha disorders. However bala oil also has other health benefits. This article explains its various uses, bala oil benefits and advantages, bala oil ingredients, bala oil side effects and other general information related to bala oil.

Bala oil can be used for external massage, basti or enema, nasya or nasal administration of oil, karan purna or instillation of oil into ears.

*Bala oil is useful in treating a wide variety of Vata disorders.

*Bala oil is useful in emaciation and weakness caused by excessive physical activity and exercise.

*Bala oil is useful in postpartum.

*Bala oil is helpful in males with poor semen quality and quantity.

*In the traditional system of medicine, it is also used by women who want to conceive. In such cases, bala oil is administered via uttar basti. Uttar basti is a process where oil is administered through the vagina.

*In ancient times, bala oil was used by kings and wealthy people.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of Ayurvedic bala oil. However, if you have any health problems or allergies to any of its ingredients, then be sure to discuss it with your Ayurvedic practitioner or health care provider before use. Bala oil is for topical use only.

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